About us

C. I. C


Support for Spouses/partners/parents of currently serving Personnel and Veterans is crucial. We have first-hand experience of the difficulties faced by service spouses/partners and parents, and how our roles both within the family and the wider community is often overlooked. This is why Camouflage the hidden force behind the uniform, was formed.

We see the Family as a whole, in whatever shape or from that might be, this is reflected within our C.I C.

We aim to Promote and maintain the wellbeing of future/current spouses/partners/parents and immediate families of current/future personnel and Veterans (over 18). We do not offer a magic solution, nor pretend to have the answers but we are passionate about providing a service that we feel is missing, whether that be by o providing workshops in Mental Health, offering, Psychological Therapies, Holistic Therapies, or Assisting with transition either into, or out of services for up to two years, acting as a One point of contact  for that duration, liaising with other organisations  with more specialist resolutions. We can assist with March in, offering advice,suggestions,tips and information, March outs ; we can provide that service.

(to find out more pop over to www.camouflagethehiddenforce.org)

We aim to help, not because we have to but because we want to.

“Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care”

 -Theodore Roosevelt-